Making a New Project

To make a new project first log into your SerpRobot account here.

1) Click the green "New Project" button in the left hand menu.

2) The new project modal will then be displayed and you can fill out the required details.

Project Name
The name that you want to give your project.
Project Type

This specifies the type of project

For a detailed description of each project type see the knowledge base


The domain or URL you wish to track

We recommend just adding the domain as then your bots will check for all subpages and subdomains, but by clicking the "Allow URL" check box you can enter anything you like here to be more specific.

These are the keywords you would like to use.
Google Region
This is the google region you wish to use.
Search Device
This is the device you wish the search to be performed on.
Search Location
We will geolocate the entered location and it will appear that the search is performed from here.
Advanced options
These are covered in the knowledge base

3) Then click the "Add Project" button at the bottom of the modal window to add your project.