We have tried to make our pricing very transparent and simple. Each paid bot can check 75 keywords in each 24 hour period.

If you have 75 keywords or less and would like them updated each day then you just need one serp bot. If you have 150 keywords then you would need two bots, 225 keywords require 3 bots ... etc.
We offer payments by PayPal and VISA or MasterCard credit, debit and prepaid cards.

Unfortunately we don't accept AMEX directly but you can always add your card to a PayPal account and make a payment that way.
You can hire a paid bot at any point and switch to a full subscription.

Just visit the team management page and select how many paid bots you need and then click the "subscribe" button.
Yes, you can switch to an annual plan at any point and then you will only have one charge and invoice to deal with per year helping to keep your accounting team happy.
You can cancel your paid SERP Bots at anytime and you won't be charged for their services again, however they will still work their notice of any remaining subscription days, so no refunds will be given for remaining usage.

To cancel just visit the team management page and in the lower part of the screen you will see all of your bots and you can click the red "Cancel Subscription" button for each bot you wish to cancel.

If a bot is not set to auto renew or has already been cancelled then there won't be a cancellation button and their details will show a "Contract expires" rather than a "Contract renews" date.
No, all prices are excluding any additional taxes.

Due to the way consumption taxes like VAT, MwSt, GST etc are charged on digital services we can't confirm the final price until we verify your location and calculate the required taxes.

Before you make a purchase we will calculate the final amount based on your location and where the service will be consumed and then the final amount will be clearly displayed.
We offer "one off" yearly bots which are just a single purchase and will not auto renew.

You could also just cancel the subscription before the next renewal is due and we won't charge you again.