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As you know we are determined to offer the best FREE SERP checker available on the internet!
Unfortunately even free tools have to pay for boring stuff like servers, electricity and software licences! :-(
Most of the income we need to keep things running comes from ADVERTS but there are tons of other ways you could help ...

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A donation is the most direct way of helping and no matter what the amount they are always appreciated! Even $5 goes a long way and helps us to add new features or just keep the lights on!

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We would love to hear what you find great and not so great about the work we have done so far. SERPROBOT is still in beta so there might be a few things which are not quite right or we may break stuff from time to time. But please let us know!

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All your SERP related questions answered, further information about how we check your rankings and make sure you get the most accurate results.

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